What our Customers say...


"Everything went very smoothly! The men were very efficient, polite and courteous! A great experience!" 

"All 10's " 


"Everybody that was in my house was great to work with." 

"Matt, Erik and the team did a supertastic job! I would recommend them for any job!" 

" Very Accommodating over a holiday weekend!!" 

" Matt & Crew worked very hard. Excellent crew!" 

One 9 rating and the rest all tens! thank you! 

"SERVPRO provided excellent service during this difficult time. You guys were prompt, worked efficiently, and allowed me to have peace of mind, thanks xo!"   

All tens! Thank you! 

"None, the whole company and staff were truly great. Each person explained everything to me so I clearly understood. Friendly, prompt.  I would recommend them any time. The work they did at my house was great too." 

"Special thanks to Eric and Brian!" 

All tens! Thanks! 

All tens thank you! 

All tens! Thanks so much! 

"All the guys who came were concerned and helpful, They left the house clean and took away the trash. It has been a good experience." 

Tens! Tens! Tens! Thanks 

All tens thanks! 

All tens, Thanks so much!

"Great job, Thanks SERVPRO" 

" All was good, no additional recommendations" 

All tens thank you! 

"I was very Satisfied" 

all Tens! 

All tens! Thanks so much 

All tens! 

All tens! Thank you 

"Great guys" 

"Keep up the good work"

"Keep up the great work" 

Thanks for the 10's ! 

All tens thank you! 

Tens, and Nines thank you! 

All tens 

All tens 

All tens, no additional comments, thank you! 

All tens! Great Job

All tens! 

" All tens, thank you!" 

"Good group, Good effort, Good work!"

The entire staff, phone and in person at SERVPRO were courteous, professional and knowledgeable in detail with my flood situation.

Kirk and Dwight were excellent gentlemen, very thorough, concerned and extremely professional. All work was done efficiently and in a timely manner. They never hesitated to answer questions or explain procedures.

Brian was so wonderful! He really helped me deal with my shock and helped me focus on preventing further damage to the house and securing a temporary place to stay for my children and me. Thank you!

They're perfect! This is the second time in 5 months that I am using SERVPRO. Kirk, Leo, Dwayne, and Brian were professional, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.

Jesse was fantastic, professional and courteous. He took the trauma out of my experience, I am very pleased. Office dispatchers were great too!

All your staff were extremely professional and helpful!

This group went above and beyond to help with coordination of time and dates, Thank you!!!

The SERVPRO office staff was courteous, polite, and helpful throughout the duration of the job, The on site personnel were prompt, courteous, and attentive to my concerns. The on site personnel clearly explained the cleaning and restoration process throughout the duration of the job. I would recommend this SERVPRO to my friends, family, and colleagues.

The technicians did a great job!

"I was very pleased with all aspects of the project."

"They did a GREAT Job!"

"Both teams were friendly and helpful - professional."

The Team was Fantastic

"Outstanding on all levels. Just keep doing what you're doing. Eric is a true asset to your company, his crew(s) are as well."

The "Team" Was "Above and beyond": in expertise, Courtesy, ability to help me understand the process- All excellent! It's encouraging to see people who are really good at their jobs - and care!

These guys were fantastic! If there are such things as real-life super heroes, these guys are it!! Every one was fabulous: Brian, Randy, Erik and Matt were great. I will recommend SERVPRO to everyone. 

All Tens! Thank you! 

All tens, Great job! 

All 10's! Thanks so much! 

SERVPRO of Tarrytown Elmsford gets all 10's! Thanks! 

All Tens! Wow, Thank you! 

All tens! Thank you!

10's all around! Great job! 

All 10's! Thank you! 

Tens all around thank you! 

Tens down the line! Thanks! 

All 10's! Thanks 

Tens! Tens! Tens! Thank you! 

All Tens thanks! 

No recommendations, All tens! Thank you so much! 

All tens! Wow, Thanks! 

Tens all around! 

Tens! Thanks!

No recommendations all tens thanks a bunch! 

"All members of the team were great!" 

" No recommendations, I was very satisfied!" 

All tens! thanks! 

"Brian and his team were great to work with, and I would highly recommend and also use, if needed, SERVPRO again. 

Tens all around, thank you! 

All tens! 

" All tens - excellent work!"